I. Overview of Salaries and Benefits in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a wealthy country economically dependent on oil exports. Salaries and benefits are an important factor in attracting talent there. These include basic wages, allowances, bonuses, health insurance, pensions, housing allowances, etc. Additionally, Saudi Arabia's low taxes make it attractive for talent.

II. Details on Saudi Salaries and Benefits  

1. Basic Salary

Saudi's basic salary is mandated by the government's minimum wage standard. In 2019, the minimum wage was 4000 Riyals ($1066) per month. However, many companies pay higher to attract and retain talent.

2. Allowances

Saudi companies typically provide allowances to help cover living costs, including for transportation, housing,meals, etc. Housing is one of the most important, with many companies providing free or subsidized accommodations.

3. Bonuses

Saudi companies commonly give employees yearly and holiday bonuses. Yearly bonuses are often 1-2 months of basic salary, while holiday bonuses are usually 1 month's pay.

4. Health Insurance

In Saudi Arabia, employers must provide health insurance covering outpatient, inpatient, and surgical costs.

5. Pensions

Saudi employers must provide pension schemes, usually including employer and employee contributions to retirement plans and annuities.

III. Impact on Overseas Employers

1. Attracting Talent

Saudi salaries and benefits help overseas employers attract talent. Companies providing high compensation can draw more top talent.

2. Improving Employee Satisfaction

Strong pay and benefits lead to higher employee satisfaction and willingness to contribute.

3. Enhancing Company Image  

Providing excellent compensation improves a company's industry image and reputation.

IV. Conclusion

In summary, compensation is key for attracting and retaining talent in Saudi Arabia. For overseas employers, providing high salaries and benefits can draw more top talent and boost employee satisfaction and corporate image. Thus, understanding Saudi pay and benefits policies is important for hiring and retention.