Hire globally

without opening an entity

If you're looking for a way to expand your business and hire from abroad quickly, taking on the full employment process could be time-consuming and costly. Join ChaadHR - this innovative platform handles everything for you, so all you have to do is sit back and build your best business. Streamline the process of hiring international employees in minutes, with no extra admin or cost: ChaadHR sets business free from tedious HR tasks, so that you can spend time on the big picture.
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We own entities in 100+ countries so you can hire without the cost, time and effort

When it comes to hiring employees in another country, the local laws and regulations can create serious roadblocks for employer. Because with the incorporation expenses, payroll taxes and compliance requirements adding up quickly. There is a risk of financial penalties or other legal consequences if these details are not handled carefully.
ChaadHR provides a comprehensive and effective employment solution.Your team is employed by our local legal entities in over 100+ countries. ChaadHR not only handles all compliance, payroll, and HR administration requirements of each jurisdiction, but also ensures fast and efficient onboarding for employee .

We handle the compliance

We help companies with all of your staffing needs. Our services include tax withholding calculations, employee termination claims, and more.

Airtight employment contracts

Streamline your hiring process and empower yourself with the confidence of legal security.

Streamline your documents

Our team helps your business stay ahead by ensuring it complies with all tax, licensing and compliance regulations

This is our duty

Let ChaadHR shoulder the responsibility for staying compliant with local laws. Your team is in good hands when you hire employees through us.

Legal partners

We stay ahead of the international regulatory curve by partnering with top legal experts to ensure current contracts are compliant with local labor laws, refreshed on a quarterly basis.

Run Payroll Easily

Simplify payroll to free up your time and energy. With us on the job, you can focus exclusively on growing your business rather than managing global payments.

Automatically generate invoices

Streamline your business process with automation. Generate digital invoices in a flash and synchronize all ofyour data for effortless accounting.

We handle taxes, social contributions, and more

Let our experts take care of the complicated details. We'll ensure your deductions are accurate, making sure all local government payments stay up-to-date.

Pay everyone with one payment

Enjoy the ease of paying your entire team with ChaadHR. Our system supports bulk payments in over 120 currencies,with no fees.

An exceptional team experience

Unlock your team's potential and ensure they enjoy tailored benefits in the country of their choice – allowing them to work from wherever they live.

Centralized management of contracts, fees and benefits

Streamline contract management, maximize benefits tracking and keep updated with vacation days

Manage expenses, bonuses, time off and more

ChaadHR is the perfect solution to help any business manage its employee benefits. From expenses, bonuses and time off to onboarding new staff.

Super easy setup

Get your team acclimated quickly with our around-the-clock assistance. From updating address information to drafting and delivering offer letters, we'll handle it all.

Provide exceptional benefits

ChaadHR offers employees around the world a competitive benefit package tailored to their local context.

Trusted by global businesses and leaders

“Through ChaadHR we’ve been able to hire more than 48 people at over 5 countries in just one month. Chaad boosts our business progress beyond our expectations.  ”

Mikael Rang

“ChaadHR is like a global-hiring specialist sitting by our side, and makes hiring globally as smooth as hiring on our local sites. We hire people, present requirements, and ChaadHR covers everything else."

Yuki Akiyama
HR Director, Bimgoo

“Hiring compliance is always a complicated issue during global hiring. ChaadHR optimized this problem transparently and thoroughly. We no need to worry furthermore, and our employees and contractors also feel comfortable and give us positive feedback about ChaadHR.”

Andrew Ellison
Hiring Manager, Wimton Logistics  

ChaadHR an experience like no other

Autopilot Global Payroll
Streamline payments in more than 70 currencies and manage your worldwide payroll in one location. Put it on autopliot mode and never worry about it again.
Scalable Pricing
Competitive pricing. We offer different payment plan for SMBs and enenterprises. Get discounts when you hire more.
Speedup Global Expansion
No more sourcing and vetting local vendors for weeks. No more email back and force every payroll periods. We take care of everything in hours.
Third-party Integrations
Have your favorite HR system or accounting software? No problem, we support varies thrid-party intergrations.
Local Expert
We have local experts on the ground, offering in-country support. Your employee are in good hands.
Compliance Ready
We take all responsibility for ensuring that you comply with local regulations when you hire employees through Chaad.

Frequently asked questions

How does Chaad employ?
Chaad helps companies around the world hire full-time employees remotely. All you have to do is sign up for our EoR solution, and we will take care of the rest.