Large Enterprises

Find out the best scaling solutions for large companies that are recruiting internationally

How large companies can benefit from Global EOR solutions

We support large companies or businesses recruiting staff internationally. Often the best solution for an international recruitment program is an Employer of Record (EOR)
EOR recruits, hires and onboards employees in multiple international locations. This means EOR is responsible for payroll, human resources, employment and tax compliance.

What is the process for signing up with ChaadHR?


Enterprises can register for the ChaadHR HR management platform for free, and quickly establish a company account


Create a contract
HR enter employee personal information, salary/benefit, entry time, etc. And complete the establishment of labor contracts.


Offer labor contract
Staff will be given compliant employment contracts to sign.


Ongoing Global EOR
Once officially hired, ChaadHR will be the ‘Employer of Record’ and responsible for all ongoing payroll, payroll taxes, HR And compliance.
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What are the advantages of a startup using a Global EOR?

When you expand your territory in new international markets, choosing ChaadHR to be your global professional employment partner is your best choice
Fast Entry
Normally, setting up a branch in a new overseas market is time-consuming and labor-intensive. With global professional EOR services solutions, you can enter new markets within 48 hours.
Online Cloud Solutions
If you are interested in expanding your business in many countries around the world, you only need to connect with ChaadHR and we will do our best to help you expand your business overseas.
Recruitment Networks
ChaadHR has a strong recruitment network in the local area to ensure that you recruit the best talents and accelerate the pace of entering new markets.
Cost Savings
It is estimated that business development through global professional employer services can help you save 85% of overseas business development fees.
Online Cloud Solutions
Relying on the cloud-based HR SaaS platform, it efficiently integrates global overseas employee information and reports.

Trusted by global businesses and leaders

Mikael Rang
VP Human Resources, BGCY Group
"Through ChaadHR we’ve been able to hire more than 48 people at over 5 countries in just one month. Chaad boosts our business progress beyond our expectations.  "
Yuki Akiyama
HR Director, Bimgoo
"ChaadHR is like a global-hiring specialist sitting by our side, and makes hiring globally as smooth as hiring on our local sites. We hire people, present requirements, and ChaadHR covers everything else."
Andrew Ellison
Hiring Manager, Wimton Logistics & Transportation
"Hiring compliance is always a complicated issue during global hiring. ChaadHR optimized this problem transparently and thoroughly. We no need to worry furthermore, and our employees and contractors also feel comfortable and give us positive feedback about ChaadHR."