Broaden your hiring pool by onboarding global talent

ChaadHR is your extended HR operations team in every country. Onboard, pay and manage your global team compliantly without opening a local entity.

Use ChaadHR to employ global teams — without hassles or delays

Your next hire could be in the Philippines, Brazil, the United States, Australia or anywhere across the globe. Our platform can help you experience frictionless onboarding.
Generate regionally compliant contracts in a matter of minutes
Manage payroll, taxes & local labor law compliance efficiently
Offer your employees top-notch benefits of global standards
Provide onboarding essentials such as laptops directly through the platform in a few clicks
Global Payroll

Run global payroll accurately and disburse payments in over 120 currencies

Our in-country experts will handle your global employees’ payroll in the most secure and compliant manner.
Leave your global teams’ payroll, payments & taxes to ChaadHR
Manage end-to-end payroll for your employees and pay them in their local currencies
Manage expenses & time-offs through an easy-to-use & intuitive platform
Comply with mandatory statutory payments in accordance with local labor tax laws (eg: CPF in Singapore, PF or PT in India, or even the 13th Month Pay in relevant countries)
Global Benefits

Make your global employees feel like an equal part of the team

Offer curated benefits to attract the best talent for your business. Select from a range of cost-effective coverages of global standards.
Equip full-time employees and contractors with competitive insurance plans
Grant Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs) to your global talent
Compare insurance plans to choose the suitable coverage for your employee; learn more from country-specific insurance factsheets
Expense Management

Manage expenses and reimbursements for your global teams

Get a consolidated view of your expense reports and manage the  approvals in a hassle-free manner.
Approve your employees’ expenses with ease
Assign specific managers on the dashboard to approve expenses
Approve multiple expenses and make payments in one go
ChaadHR HR management platform to help you meet challenges
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What is the process for signing up with ChaadHR?


Enterprises can register for the ChaadHR HR management platform for free, and quickly establish a company account


Create a contract
HR enter employee personal information, salary/benefit, entry time, etc. And complete the establishment of labor contracts.


Offer labor contract
Staff will be given compliant employment contracts to sign.


Ongoing Global EOR
Once officially hired, ChaadHR will be the ‘Employer of Record’ and responsible for all ongoing payroll, payroll taxes, HR And compliance.








通过自动化简化您的业务流程。 快速生成电子发票并同步您的所有数据。

使用ChaadHR轻松支付整个团队的费用。 我们的系统支持超过 70 种货币的批量支付。








Trusted by global businesses and leaders

Mikael Rang
VP Human Resources, BGCY Group
"Through ChaadHR we’ve been able to hire more than 48 people at over 5 countries in just one month. Chaad boosts our business progress beyond our expectations.  "
Yuki Akiyama
HR Director, Bimgoo
"ChaadHR is like a global-hiring specialist sitting by our side, and makes hiring globally as smooth as hiring on our local sites. We hire people, present requirements, and ChaadHR covers everything else."
Andrew Ellison
Hiring Manager, Wimton Logistics & Transportation
"Hiring compliance is always a complicated issue during global hiring. ChaadHR optimized this problem transparently and thoroughly. We no need to worry furthermore, and our employees and contractors also feel comfortable and give us positive feedback about ChaadHR."