One platform to expand global teams

Hire, pay, and manage employees in 150+ countries without setting up an entity.
Full compliance with the local law, risk-free.


With ChaadHR, you can manage contract workers with ease, and get back to work.

Employer of Record

ChaadHR sets business free from tedious HR tasks, so that you can spend time on the big picture.

Global Payroll

Global payroll services allow you to pay your team members all over the world with ease.
manage your global team

We handle the complexity, so you don't need to.


Run payroll with zero effort

Pay your employees in 70+ currencies and take advantage of the best currency rates available. Send global payments with a single click and keep track of your transfers in real time.


Employer of Record

With our Employer of Record(EOR) network you don't need to set up entities to hire full-time talent abroad. We help you hire in 150+ countries and ensure 100% compliance with local laws.

EOR in 150+ countires
Handle taxes, social contributions

Stay Compliant

We take care of all the details to make sure you comply with local laws, including those related to taxes, social security, the minimum salary, termination regulations, and more.

Sign Local Contract
Business Liability Free
employee management SYSTEM

Manage Employees Easily

Through the global employee management system, ChaadHR can provide overseas companies with perfect solutions for overseas employee management, including expense, bonuses, time-off and other management services covering the entire life cycle of employees.

Expense approval
Employee time-off management

Hire, pay and manage your global workforce

Autopilot Global Payroll

Streamline payments in more than 70 currencies and manage your worldwide payroll in one location. Put it on autopliot mode and never worry about it again.

Scalable Pricing

Competitive pricing. We offer different payment plan for SMBs and enenterprises. Get discounts when you hire more.

Speedup Global Expansion

No more sourcing and vetting local vendors for weeks. No more email back and force every payroll periods. We take care of everything in hours.

Third-party Integrations

Have your favorite HR system or accounting software? No problem, we support varies thrid-party intergrations.

Local Expert

We have local experts on the ground, offering in-country support. Your employee are in good hands.

Compliance Ready

We take all responsibility for ensuring that you comply with local regulations when you hire employees through Chaad.


Apps and tools to do more with Chaad

Your tools perform better when combined with Chaad. With a few clicks, integrate Chaad with your preferred HR and accounting software to eliminate manual work and improve HR workflows.


Trusted by global businesses and leaders

“Through ChaadHR we’ve been able to hire more than 48 people at over 5 countries in just one month. Chaad boosts our business progress beyond our expectations.  ”

Mikael Rang

“ChaadHR is like a global-hiring specialist sitting by our side, and makes hiring globally as smooth as hiring on our local sites. We hire people, present requirements, and ChaadHR covers everything else."

Yuki Akiyama
HR Director, Bimgoo

“Hiring compliance is always a complicated issue during global hiring. ChaadHR optimized this problem transparently and thoroughly. We no need to worry furthermore, and our employees and contractors also feel comfortable and give us positive feedback about ChaadHR.”

Andrew Ellison
Hiring Manager, Wimton Logistics