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Compliant contracts for 150+ countries
Free local payments in 70+ currencies
Manage payroll, compliance and onboarding, all in one place
International payments at low cost
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Leverage our EOR, Hire employee in 150+ countries.
Local tax, employment, accounting and legal expertise
Offer local benefits
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Global Payroll
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Multi-country payroll in countries where you have entities
Streamline your global payroll processing
Ensure compliance with the latest local wage regulations
Generate and access payroll reports by country
Reduce costs by centralizing payroll management
Custom pricing
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Tailored solutions for global enterprise
Dedicated to supporting the employment of employees in multiple countries simultaneously
Professional technical support team
Free consultations with our in-house HR and legal experts
Customized reporting, benefits and payroll administration, and system integrations

Additional Plans

Provide Employee Insurance
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Offer Homogenous, cost-effective and locally competitive insurance of global standards
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Curated plans & coverages of global standards
Dependent Coverage**
No deduction*
Zero co-payments for in-patient procedures*
Uniform localized benefits across countries
24/7 customer service
Global Mobility
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Visa and residency application support
Pricing for global mobility services vary wildly depending on the following factors:
Country of hiring
Job title
Previous experience / CV
Annual salary
Current residency location