As an overseas employer, understanding local labor laws and regulations is very important. In Spain, employee dismissal and redundancy must follow certain procedures. This article introduces the relevant laws and regulations regarding dismissal and redundancy of employees in Spain.

1. Employee Dismissal

1) Dismissal procedures:

  -Employer issues written notice stating reasons for dismissal and informing of right to litigation.  

  -Employer notifies local labor bureau and submits documents including employee information, contract, salary, etc.

2) Dismissal compensation:

  -1 month salary if employed >1 year

  -2 months salary if employed >3 years

  -3 months salary if employed >6 years

  -4 months salary if employed >10 years

2. Causes for dismissal:

  a)Economic e.g. financial difficulties, cost cutting  

  b)Conduct e.g. severe violations, theft

  c)Health e.g. inability to perform role

  d)Skill e.g. lack of required skills

3. Employee Redundancy

1) Redundancy procedures are similar to dismissal procedures.

2) Redundancy compensation is the same as dismissal compensation based on tenure.

In summary, overseas employers must follow certain procedures and regulations for dismissal and redundancy in Spain. Consult local lawyers or professionals to ensure compliance before dismissal or redundancy.