I. Overview of Salaries and Benefits in Hungary

1.1 Salary System in Hungary

Hungary's salary system consists of two parts: basic salary and allowances. Basic salary refers to employees' fixed earnings, while allowances are various benefits like meal, transportation and housing subsidies.

1.2 Social Insurance System in Hungary

Hungary's social insurance includes pension, health, unemployment and work injury insurances. Pension and health insurances are mandatory for all employees, while unemployment and work injury are optional.

1.3 Labor Regulations in Hungary

Hungary's labor regulations govern employees' working hours, overtime pay, annual leave, paid sick leave, etc. They also stipulate employers' responsibilities like purchasing social insurance and paying taxes for employees.

II. Analysis of Salaries and Benefits in Hungary

2.1 Basic Salary Levels

Hungary's basic salary levels are relatively low, but are rising with economic growth and talent demand. Latest data shows the average monthly salary is around 2400 Euros.

2.2 Allowances and Benefits

Hungary offers good allowances like meal, transportation and housing subsidies. Some large companies also provide additional benefits like gym memberships and free lunches.

2.3 Social Insurance System

Hungary has a relatively comprehensive social insurance system for employee protection. However, high contribution rates impose higher costs on employers.

2.4 Labor Regulations

Hungary has good labor regulations to protect employee rights. But some companies may violate them in practice, causing unnecessary distress.

III. Key Considerations for OverseasEmployers

3.1 Understand Local Regulations

Overseas employers should understand local regulations when hiring Hungarians to avoid penalties or legal issues.

3.2 Offer Reasonable Salary Levels

Employers need to offer reasonable salaries to attract and retain talent, while considering local economic conditions and competitiveness.

3.3 Provide Suitable Benefits

Employers can provide additional benefits like gym memberships to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

3.4 Ensure Social Insurance Contributions

Employers must contribute social insurance on time and comply with regulations to avoid penalties.


In summary, understanding Hungary's compensation system is crucial for overseas employers to attract and retaintalent through compliant, competitive salaries and benefits.