Pakistan is located in South Asia, a populous developing country. Although Pakistan's economic development is relatively slow, the country's labor resource situation is very advantageous. Pakistan has a large young population, many of whom have received higher education and have abundant professional knowledge and skills. This has made Pakistan an important partner for many international companies.

In order to attract more overseas employers to Pakistan to recruit talents, the country's government has launched an R&D positions visa policy. According to this policy, overseas employers can establish R&D centers in Pakistan and hire local professionals through visas. This policy not only benefits from attracting foreign investment, but also enhance the local technology level and innovation ability of Pakistan.

However, according to the Pakistani government's regulations, visa applicants must meet certain conditions. One of which is that they must meet the minimum salary standard. According to the latest regulations, the minimum salary for R&D positions visa applicants is USD 1,500 per month. Based on the current exchange rate, this is equivalent to about RMB 11,000.

In addition, the Pakistani government also stipulates that visa applicants must have relevant professional skills and work experience. These requirements aim to ensure that overseas employers hire truly capable local talents with real strength and ability. If applicants meet the conditions, they can obtain visas of up to two years and can enter and exit Pakistan freely within the visa period.

In summary, Pakistan's R&D positions visa policy provides more opportunities for overseas companies to recruit local talents. At the same time, the government's minimum salary standards also guarantee the salary treatment of local talents. I believe that under the promotion of this policy, Pakistan will attract more overseas companies and investors to cooperate and promote the country's rapid economic development.