Indonesia is a country located in Southeast Asia, with rich natural resources and cultural history, a country full of vitality and opportunities. With the continuous development of globalization and the economy, more and more companies have set their sights on Indonesia, seeking business opportunities and development. In this process, overseas employment has become a common way, and the minimum salary for Indonesian R&D positions visas has also become the focus of attention for many companies.

Labor situation

Indonesia is a populous country with abundant human resources. According to data from the World Bank, Indonesia's population exceeds 270 million, of which 65% of the population is between the ages of 15 and 64. This means that Indonesia has a large and young labor force, providing companies with sufficient human resources. In addition, Indonesia's education level is also improving, with more and more people receiving higher education, providing companies with more professional and high-quality talents.

Visa policies  

Foreigners need to apply for a work visa in order to work in Indonesia. According to Indonesian government regulations, foreigners can apply for two types of work visas: KITAS and ITAS. KITAS is a temporary stay permit valid for 1 year, while ITAS is a permanent stay permit valid for 2 years. When applying for a work visa, relevant materials and proof and certain fees must be provided.

Minimum salary restrictions

The minimum salary restriction for Indonesian R&D positions visas is a highly concerned issue. According to Indonesian government regulations, foreigners working in Indonesia need to meet certain minimum salary standards. Specifically, the minimum salary standard for R&D positions visas is IDR 15,000,000/month. Converted into RMB, it is about RMB 7,000/month. This standard may be high for some small and medium-sized enterprises, but it should not pose too big a problem for large enterprises.

In summary

As a country full of opportunities and vitality, Indonesia is attracting more and more companies to invest and develop. For those companies that need overseas employment, understanding Indonesia's visa policies and minimum salary restrictions is very important. Although the minimum salary standard for R&D positions visas is high, considering Indonesia's abundant human resources and good development prospects, this standard should not become a stumbling block for companies to come and invest and develop.