India is a populous South Asian country with over 1.3 billion people, making it the second most populated country in the world. India has abundant natural and labor resources and is one of the largest exporters of information technology services in the world. The Indian economy is growing at an incredible rate, with more and more companies and organizations setting up R&D centers in India in hopes of achieving greater breakthroughs and progress in the technology field.  

However, it is not easy for foreign companies and organizations to recruit local employees in India. The Indian government has strict visa policies for foreign employees, and companies need to comply with strict regulations and standards in order to recruit foreign employees. The minimum salary restriction is one of the most important standards.

According to Indian government regulations,the minimum salary for foreign employees working in India is 1.625 lakh rupees per month.  This translates to around 16,000 yuan in RMB. This salary standard applies to foreign employees working in R&D positions in India, including software development, network security, data analysis and other fields.  

For companies, this salary standard can pose a certain burden. However, it is worth noting that this salary standard was established by the Indian government to protect the local labor market. By establishing this standard, the government hopes to ensure that the salaries of foreign employees are higher than local employees, thereby avoiding impacting the local labor market.

In addition, when applying for visas, companies also need to submit relevant documents and materials, including employment contracts, corporate registration certificates, employee background checks, etc. If companies fail to meet these requirements, visa applications may be rejected.

In summary, India's visa policies for foreign employees are relatively strict. However, for companies and organizations that meet the conditions, India remains an extremely attractive destination for investment. By setting up R&D centers in India, companies can gain more innovation and technological breakthroughs while also creating jobs and economic contributions for the local community.