As a country with a long history and culture, Egypt is a fascinating tourist destination. However, for those who want to work in Egypt, the country's labor conditions and visa policies are also very important considerations.

Labor conditions

Egypt is a country with nearly 100 million people, but its education level and skills level are relatively low. According to the World Bank, only about 60% of adults in Egypt are literate. In addition, the country's education system also has some problems, such as low-quality teachers, insufficient school facilities, etc.  

However, with government reforms and investment, Egypt's labor conditions are gradually improving. The government is promoting education reforms and training programs to improve people's skills and employment opportunities.

Visa policy

Foreigners need to obtain a work visa to work in Egypt. According to the Egyptian government's regulations, foreigners need to meet the following conditions to apply for a work visa:

1. Have legal work opportunities;

2. Possess relevant professional skills and experience;

3. Gain recruitment intentions from employers through interviews;

4. Provide health certificates and certificates of clean criminal records.

When handling work visas, applicants need to provide relevant documents and materials and pay a certain fee. In addition, the applicant also needs to register and report at the local police station.

Minimum salary restrictions

Working in Egypt requires meeting certain minimum salary restrictions. According to Egyptian labor law, foreigners working in Egypt cannot earn less than three times the local minimum salary standard. Currently, Egypt's minimum salary standard is 2,000 Egyptian pounds per month, which is equivalent to about 1,000 yuan in RMB.

In summary, although Egypt's labor conditions and visa policies have some problems, these problems are gradually being resolved with government reforms and investments. For those who want to work in Egypt, they need to pay attention to local minimum salary restrictions and prepare required materials and documents in advance to ensure a smooth application for a work visa.