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As a leading Employer of Record (EOR) in China, ChaadHR takes the complexity out of hiring and managing your international workforce.  Leveraging our deep understanding of Chinese labor laws, tax, and social security systems, we become the legal employer of record for your staff. This frees you from establishing a local entity, navigating intricate regulations, and ensuring compliance throughout the entire employment life cycle.

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Our experienced team, comprised of China-based HR professionals, acts as your trusted partner. We handle everything from payroll and benefits to visa processing and onboarding, leaving you to focus on what matters most - growing your business in China.

With ChaadHR as your EOR partner, you gain:

- Simplified hiring: Skip the hassle of entity setup and focus on finding the right talent.

- Compliance peace of mind: Relax knowing your China operations are fully compliant with local laws and regulations.

- Cost-efficiency: Avoid the overhead of establishing and maintaining a local entity.

- Scalability: Hire and manage talent seamlessly as your business needs evolve.

- Reduced risk: Eliminate the legal and financial risks associated with direct employment in China.

Partner with ChaadHR and experience the seamless expansion your business deserves in China.


China is known for its strong work ethic and high level of productivity, which can be beneficial for businesses looking to expand and increase profits. However, foreign companies may find China's regulations unfamiliar and time-consuming. To avoid these challenges, partnering with us as an EOR company can simplify the process of hiring a workforce in China.

China's economy has grown at an impressive rate of almost 10 percent per year since market reform in 1979, making it an attractive destination for businesses seeking to expand. With a thriving manufacturing industry and a rapidly growing electronics market, there are opportunities for businesses of all kinds. By utilizing our EOR service, you can take full advantage of the Chinese market while we handle the bureaucratic details.

How Chinese Employer of Record (EOR) Works

As a local Employer of Record (EOR), we take on the legal responsibility of employing your new workforce in China. While you manage the day-to-day activities of your employees, we legally hire them through our agency. ChaadHR operates in over a hundred countries and utilizes local networks of experts to gain in-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations, as well as recruitment customs and trends. By partnering with us as an EOR, you gain access to this expert knowledge, which can be invaluable when expanding your business into China.

Our employment contract with your employees complies with Chinese labor laws and includes benefits such as insurance and pensions. We can hire, onboard, and manage your new employees in China in a matter of days, ensuring a fast and efficient process.

Hereis how we can assist you:

- We ensure that your new hires are compliant with Chinese laws and regulations.

- We take care of the employment contract, HR (Human Resources) matters, taxes, and payroll.

- We arrange the required visas or work permits for your employees.

- Our team keeps your employees informed about holiday arrangements, benefits, and any changes in labor laws.

- We keep you updated on changes in local laws and ensure that we comply with them.

-Your employees' declarations are forwarded to us on a monthly basis. Once we receive your payment, we deduct taxes and other contributions, and ensure that your employees receive their salaries promptly.

- You retain control over the daily activities and responsibilities of your employees.

Using a Native Chinese Employer of Record (EOR) Provider Features and Benefits

The use of a local EOR has a significant advantage in that it eliminates the need for you to establish an entity in China, which can be a lengthy and resource-intensive process. This can cause delays in your global expansion plans as you may not have the legal resources to pay employees in China during this period. Global expansion can be an exciting step for any business, but the bureaucratic processes in a new country can be discouraging and frustrating. Working with an EOR can simplify the process of expanding your business into China while keeping costs low.

By entrusting us with the complex aspects of the process, you can focus on expanding your business into China. Here are some of the responsibilities we can take off your plate:

-Registering with the tax and social security office.

-Understanding local laws, customs, and regulations.

-Familiarizing yourself with local labor benefits and other contract-related customs.

-Approaching potential employees and making offers.

-Setting up a payroll system that is compliant.

-Submitting wage tax returns and national insurance forms.

-Staying up-to-date and complying with changes in local regulations.

-Avoiding concerns about working in compliance with all laws, restrictions, and regulations.

Navigating China's dynamic workforce requires understanding both the minimum wage regulations and overtime compensation guidelines. Minimum wages vary regionally, with bustling metropolises like Shanghai boasting substantially higher figures than less developed provinces. This ensures a baseline standard of living while acknowledging regional economic differences. However, simply meeting the minimum isn't enough; China mandates additional compensation for overtime work. Exceeding the standard 44-hour workweek in a month triggers at least a 50% pay increase, with even higher rates on rest days and holidays. Balancing this regulated overtime with employee well-being is crucial for companies operating in China, as excessive reliance on overtime can lead to burnout and hinder long-term productivity. Understanding and adhering to these wage and compensation regulations is essential for ensuring a compliant, motivated, and productive workforce in this diverse and rapidly evolving market.

China Employer of Record (EOR) Features and Benefits for the Employer

Simplify your China expansion with ChaadHR, your trusted China Employer of Record (EOR) partner. Forget the complexities of establishing a local entity and managing Chinese employment legal obligations. We streamline your China workforce experience with comprehensive EOR solutions, so you can focus on growth.

Key benefits of partnering with our China EOR:

- Fast and Compliant Entry: Skip entity setup and onboard employees within days, ensuring full compliance with Chinese labor laws and regulations.

- Tailored Solutions: We design EOR programs that cater to your specific needs and goals, from full-service payroll to visa & relocation support.

- Local Expertise: Leverage our team of in-country HR professionals for deep insights into the Chinese market, employment practices, and social security complexities.

- Streamlined Administration: We handle everything from payroll and tax to benefits and contract management, freeing you from administrative burdens.
Scalability & Flexibility: Hire and manage talent seamlessly, easily adjust your workforce as your business needs evolve.

- Reduced Risk & Costs: Eliminate the risks and financial expenses associated with direct employment in China.

- Hassle-Free Exit: Simplify your withdrawal from the market without any lingering employee-related complications.

ChaadHR empowers you to expand into China with confidence. We handle the intricacies of employment so you can focus on building your business success. Contact us today and let's discuss how our China EOR services can accelerate your China journey.

For more information on how to set up and manage your international workforce in China, check out ChaadHR's hiring guide for China.

Beyond EOR: Additional Considerations for Success in China

- Cultural Understanding: Adapting to Chinese business culture is essential for building strong relationships with employees and partners. Invest in cultural training for your team and be mindful of communication styles and etiquette.

- Talent Acquisition: China boasts a vast talent pool, but finding the right fit requires a targeted approach. Partner with your EOR to develop effective recruitment strategies and leverage their local networks.

- Employee Engagement: Building a positive and productive work environment is crucial for retaining top talent in China. Foster open communication, invest in employee development, and offer competitive compensation and benefits packages.

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With our comprehensive Global Employer of Record (EoR) solution and integrated Global Payroll solution, we empower businesses to confidently and compliantly hire and pay their workforce in over 160 countries. By partnering with ChaadHR, companies can eliminate the burdensome task of entity establishment and navigating complex labor laws, while ensuring their payroll operations are fully compliant with local regulations.

ChaadHR helps businesses expand globally. We provide support for testing new markets, hiring employees, and setting up subsidiaries. Our platform offers compliant onboarding of international contractors, remote employee hiring, and consolidated payroll management through a single dashboard. Book a demo to learn more.

For our expertise in China EOR and payroll solutions we have been assessed by RemotePad as one of China's premier EOR providers.