Software Architect

You will lead our innovative team and work across various fields, including testing systems to ensure they meet technical standards. You should be familiar with inspection techniques for quantitative data analysis as well qualitative information gathering abilities in order provide quality improvement advice where needed.

Job Responsibilities for Software Architect

As a Software Architect, you should have an engaging personality to be able communicate with our clients and offer solutions. You will also need the necessary skills in order for your finished products not only meet but surpass expectations of their customers.

  • Defining software architecture
  • Creating prototypes
  • Identifying and resolving technical issues
  • Overseeing software development
  • Coordinating with other departments and personnel
  • Writing code
  • Optimizing performance
  • Ensuring quality control
  • Training and mentoring junior staff
  • Documenting designs

Software Architect Salaries

The salary for a Software Architect can vary depending on the company, location and nature of their employer’s business. A person who works in this profession could earn between 11-14k USD per month.

Software Architect Job Qualifications

The basic qualifications required to be considered for the position of a Software Architect include:

  • Responsible for the design of computer systems.
  • Work with clients to understand their needs and then design custom solutions.
  • Have a strong understanding of computer science principles.
  • Able to effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical staff.
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Able to effectively manage their time and resources.
  • Able to troubleshoot problems and find creative solutions.
  • Able to adapt to changing requirements and technologies.
  • Able to write code that is maintainable and scalable.
  • Familiar with multiple programming languages and platforms

Software Architect Skills Required

To be considered for the position of Software Architect, one must meet certain qualifications. These include:

  • Exposure to various industry standards such as REST, BPL, Java EE, OSGi
  • Expertise in building web applications and web services and management at a scale is a requirement.
  • Knowledge of datastores such as SQL and NoSQL
  • Prior experience with architectural patterns for High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Security Architecture Knowledge of cloud-based architectures and deployment
  • Understanding enterprise applications and front end technologies like angular, ember.
  • Excellent people and managerial skills

What to expect as a Software Architect

In order to be a successful Software Architect, you must have an eye for detail and work well with our team in ensuring high-quality standards are met.

  • Hands on experience with various systems, hardware and software
  • Opportunity to work on various projects including IT projects
  • Work and collaborate with various departments and in a team
  • Expert advice from professionals in the field and industry
  • Reviewing and implementing various standards